Dec 1. Almost 2020.

Today is December 1. Most people are now really starting to focus more on Christmas gifts or other holiday happenings as they realize the holidays are right around the corner. For me, I’m starting to think of 2020. A New Year. And with the New Year, many people make resolutions, plans, goals! I’ve only set New Years resolutions a few times and they usually don’t stick and I am like the majority of people who forget about them shortly after the New Year starts. But… what if we (or just I) start thinking about them now and could use December as a kind of trial run to see if it could actually be a good goal/resolution/plan. There’s not as much pressure in December to get the resolutions straight so if it ends up working out, then I got a jump start on the New Year!

A few times now I’ve set a goal to “read the bible in a year” or follow a bible reading plan of some sort or the other. There are definitely a ton out there and many are designed in different ways to work better for different people. But I can’t ever seem to stick to it. Here’s the thing – I believe in God. I believe in Jesus. I believe the bible. And I absolutely love to read. So you’d think this would come easy… but it doesn’t. And in Christian circles, it can be really hard to admit that it’s such a struggle especially when others talk about their daily bible reading time… I know it’s good. I know it would be helpful and great if I could get into a habit of it but it just isn’t happening. So something in this nature and of this sort would be a good goal/resolution/plan for me. I just need to figure out how to get that to work.

Losing weight, eating better, getting healthier, exercising more, etc, etc. That’s always on my list of things to do and accomplish… I guess it’s good that it’s almost always on my radar and on my mind. Maybe I need to do something new or try something new this year that will actually help me lose a few more pounds so that I’m in the “healthy” range instead of the “overweight” category. I’ll have to think on this more, though, because losing weight is not in any way as easy as some websites/media make it seem… and keeping that weight off is even more of the struggle.

Hmmm… a third something would be nice just to round it out and three is a good number. OHHH… maybe this blog and writing. I’ll perhaps try to write more in the new year (with the test phase this month) and look, it’s December 1 and I’m posting something. That is a good head start on 2020. But it’ll need to be some sort of goal like perhaps write more blog posts than last year – although I still like to limit myself to (at most) one post per day. I don’t like the idea of multiple posts on the same day. Or maybe higher quality posts with more thoughts. Yes… something about blogging would make a good resolution/plan/goal.

How about you? Do you make any plans, goals and/or resolutions for the New Year? And do you think it’s helpful to use December as the test run and jump start on the New Year?


    1. Thanks for sharing that post! I tried doing the one book per month and that also didn’t work. Then I most recently started reading the new testament (no plan) and then forgot about it… I didn’t even get that far into the first book! Yesterday, though, I was thinking about getting a chronological Bible… I think that could be interesting (as long as I actually read it…).


    1. I think I just really love the idea of a New Year with goals or plans or resolutions of some sort. It seems like something exciting and something new is coming… Maybe I just like anticipation?!


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