Charity Junk Mail.

I like donating money to charities. I like helping out organizations that do good in the world. I like knowing that my money is going to a good cause.

I do not like when charities/organizations send me stuff in the mail asking for money. And by stuff, I don’t mean letters – I don’t mind getting letters that explain what they do and why they do it and where the money goes when you donate. Those are perfectly fine. The stuff I’m talking about is the stuff I’ve recently received in the mail. One packet had a calendar, another had a dime, then I got another one with a dime (please send this dime back along with a big donation), stickers that looked like postage stamps but were not stamps just stickers, postage labels (from a few organizations, seriously how many things do you think I send out in the mail each month), a journal and that might have been it… unless I’m forgetting some. And this wasn’t even in the span of a year, this was just in the past few weeks!!! I don’t want the calendar or the journal or the dimes or the stickers or the postage labels… and I don’t want to feel guilty for not donating money because they sent me stuff. I’d much rather they all just stop sending me stuff.

Update 08/18/17: I have now received another dime, more mailing labels, a magnet and a notepad. I honestly wonder where they all got my information from… it must have been something recent because I never get this much stuff and it’s all coming in at once.


5 thoughts on “Charity Junk Mail.

  1. you feel guilty? then they have done their job. they hope you will , that way by receiving the “gifts” to send them money. how about the money they used to make and send all that crap, they used for what ever purpose the charity is for. in other words, more of the dollar is not used for administration stuff.
    how about not opening the envelope and put return to sender and send it back

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    1. I don’t give them money. I feel guilty but then also mad because I know the intention is to guilt me into giving so I won’t do it. Next time, I might go with your suggestion and send back and maybe add a note to remove me from the list!


  2. I hear ya! I actually did occasionally make a small donation to one place that was sending me address labels/stickers/greeting cards, because I use and enjoy these things. And I felt a bit guilty using/enjoying them for free. I was okay with the organization, so was willing to make a small donation every so often. However, after several years I am now drowning in address labels and such – clutter! I hate clutter. I asked them to remove me from the mailing list, and they did – and I no longer get anything from them. And coincidentally or not, it has also been quite awhile since I’ve received other such random gifts from organizations wanting donations. yeah!

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    1. It’s the guilt that made me NOT want to give money to them… like “you think you can guilt me into giving to you! ha! I won’t fall for it!” I don’t know if it’s something I gave money to recently or if I somehow got myself onto a “please send me junk” list or what but lately it’s been out of control! Maybe I should start sending the stuff back to them and asking to be removed from their list or whatever list they got me from!

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