Sometimes I see a dragonfly flying around. It reminds me of this time in Mexico when my husband and I were on a cruise and for our shore excursion/port adventure, we chose a water park. The water park has a sea lion and dolphin shows, lots of water slides and a lazy river. We saw the show, didn’t do the water slides and spent a lot of time floating in the lazy river. A few feet above the lazy river was a ton of dragonflies. I had never seen so many dragonflies in one place in my life! Normally I would have been scared of them, but since we paid to go on this excursion and the water was nice in the lazy river and we were having a good time, I decided not to be scared of them. They also seemed a little more normal and “at home” flying above the water in Mexico.

The other day I went outside to work in the little garden on the patio and a dragon fly was flying around. It did remind me of the time in Mexico but then it started to get closer to me so I ran back inside and did not go out again until it was gone. I guess I am still scared of them… but perhaps I won’t be if I see them again in Mexico.


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