Farewell to a Tooth.

I’ll begin this story at the beginning… It was 2007 and I went to the dentist for a regular dental exam. I wasn’t having any pain or problems but the dentist said he saw a cavity and I could have it filled that day so that it didn’t get worse. That sounded like a good plan to me and he talked me into getting it done with porcelain (which I later found out he did to a lot of patients, claiming it was the best and highly recommended and this tooth would never have problems again). Since it was porcelain, many dental insurances do not cover it and so it would cost $1000. Yes, I agreed to paid $1000 for this tooth.

Later that day as the numbness wore off, my tooth started to hurt. I thought maybe it was just the work being done. The next day, it felt HORRIBLE and so I called the dentist and he said to come in. Tooth pain is miserable and this was extremely painful. The dentist said I “may” need a root canal on that tooth but he didn’t know for sure so I would need to see a specialist (which of course, he had one that he recommends). My dental insurance didn’t cover a specialist, it only covered dentists. So I called the insurance company and ask to switch to a dentist who does root canals, they at first said the change could only be made once per month and wouldn’t go into effect until the following month. I started crying on the phone, telling them I was in a lot of pain and they made an exception for me and changed the dentist.

I go to the dentist and he says yes, you need a root canal and I have the root canal done. I then went back to the insurance company and filed a grievance form stating what the first dentist did and that I paid him $1000 for nothing since he just made everything worse. They went through a review process then said that they didn’t feel the dentist did anything wrong.

Now, it is present day 2017. I went to the doctor for a cough and ended up getting a CT scan done of my sinuses. My sinuses ended up being clear but incidentally they found a cyst on my jaw. The doctor was able to get me a referral to an oral surgeon because the cyst touched a tooth – so I couldn’t go through a regular medical doctor. I see the oral surgeon and we can both clearly see the cyst on the CT scan and on the X-ray. He says they will need to pull the tooth that the cyst has formed over, then remove the cyst, then possibly the tooth next to it might need a root canal but he won’t know until they remove the cyst because the cyst grew a bit over that tooth as well. He was amazed that I wasn’t in pain due to the cyst but said that it can flare up so he recommends getting it removed sooner rather than later.

And yes, the cyst formed over the same tooth that the first dentist messed up. Pretty soon, I will say farewell to my tooth and all the trials that we went through together. Lesson learned, make sure you find a good, trustworthy, excellent dentist for all your dental needs. Since then I was able to find a really great dentist group and haven’t had any major issues like the one that took place back in 2007.


9 thoughts on “Farewell to a Tooth.

      1. I have a good root canal dentist now. She does some tests to determine if a root canal is necessary. The only problem is that the tests hurt!


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