Other cats outside.

We live in an apartment complex where indoor only cats are allowed and the only time cats can be outside is if they are on a leash. However, there are many people who don’t seem to think these rules apply to them. They let their cats roam outside when they want. Then my cats see those cats and can’t get to them… So my cats end up attacking each other.

When this happens, first thing is to get the outside cat to run away. This usually happens by running outside asap like a crazy person and chasing the cat. After that, it helps to get their stick toys (currently the sticks have a bright pink feathery thing at the end) and start playing with the cats separately (much easier when my husband is nearby and we can both take one cat). If he’s not around or when one of us is chasing the outside cat, it helps to hold up a blanket between our two cats so they can’t see each other. And since cats don’t usually stay still it becomes a walk around the house following the cat holding a blanket.

It’s annoying. And tiring. And I hate it when my cats see the outside cat when we are trying to leave the house. We end up being late because we have to make sure the cats were not going to kill each other. It’s also stressful. Sometimes it really makes me consider finding a new home for our cats so that I don’t have to deal with it. And all of this happens because some people decide to not follow the rules and let their cats go outside.



5 thoughts on “Other cats outside.

  1. Cats really need to be indoors unless they have a big yard in a quite neighborhood. I grew up with outdoor cats and we took good care of them but they were not in danger. I think though that since I have had my cats as an adult indoors, they have had less issues and getting attacked or hit by a car is not a worry. Kudos to you for doing the right thing. Too bad everyone can’t follow the rules!

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