I Don’t Like Father’s Day.

I don’t like Father’s Day. I wish we could all stop celebrating it and that it would stop being advertised. For so many people, it is a very hard day. I have never met my dad and do not know who he is so it has always been a weird holiday for me. I know there are others out there without dad’s in their life and perhaps they also can’t relate to Father’s Day. Then there are some people who were abused by their father’s and don’t want/need a day in which to bring back those memories. And there are also men out there who can’t or don’t have children even though they want to be a father and this day is just another reminder of that. There are many father’s that have passed away or are going through difficult medical situations and this day can be hard for those close to them.

I know that not all holidays are for all people… but I think Father’s Day (and Mother’s Day) can be especially hard for a lot of people. And I really wish we could stop celebrating it and stop the yearly reminder of how some lives/relationships are not what they should be.

I know that I personally can stop celebrating it whenever I want but it won’t stop all the commercials and the ads and people asking “what are you doing for Father’s Day?” and “what did you buy dad for Father’s Day?” Which also leads to another thought about the commercialism of the holiday… not all dad’s wear ties to work, not all dad’s enjoy barbecuing, and not all dad’s are interested in technology. And that should be okay.

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5 thoughts on “I Don’t Like Father’s Day.

  1. I agree. I was blessed with good parents, but I always feel bad on Mother’s Day because I am not a mom so I feel like less of a person. I think more probably do feel bad on these holidays for all the reasons you wrote about.

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