Disney Vacation Club. Member.

IMG_20160903_164135Earlier this year, my husband and I joined the Disney Vacation Club while we were on a Disney Cruise. I wanted to write a blog post about it but then realized that is very hard to do. The Disney Vacation Club isn’t very complicated but it is very flexible and there are a lot of variables. My best recommendation is to go to one of their previews so that you can get all the details needed but if that isn’t possible, you can order a free DVD or request to watch their video online which probably explains most of what you need to know. I actually found their in-person previews to be very interesting, non-pushy and extremely informative. They usually say up front that they know it isn’t for everyone, especially if you don’t plan to take a lot of Disney vacations.


I remember a while back I had heard that joining the Disney Vacation Club costs around $20,000 and I immediately figured it was not worth it. That’s crazy! However, I had no idea what the Disney Vacation Club actually was. It’s a timeshare program with points. If you plan to take a lot of Disney vacations, then it will most likely end up saving you a lot of money and will give you a lot of flexibility. If there are a few years where you want to take other vacations, you can use the points on non-Disney hotels as well. Most of the memberships last 50 years and they can be passed down or over to someone else if needed. There are also annual maintenance costs but even with all the costs, we did the math and found that we’d still end up saving money. Basically, by joining the club, we’re now able to stay in the more expensive Disney resorts for less money than staying in the cheaper Disney resorts. But again, it all depends on how and when and where you plan to vacation.

If you love Disney then I definitely recommend getting some more information on the Disney Vacation Club!


4 thoughts on “Disney Vacation Club. Member.

  1. My parents joined DVC back in 1999, when I first started working for Disney (yay for 20% discounts!), and it has definitely become frustrating sometimes (availability fills up so much faster than it used to), but it makes relatively spontaneous travel so much more viable!! I love being a DVC member! I’m always ready for the next “Welcome Home.”

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