New purse. Again.

I recently bought a new purse (post: Choosing a purse is exhausting.) I thought it was adorable. The inside of it had two pockets, one side was a zippered pocket and other side was more like a pouch to store stuff. After about a week, the side with the zippered pocket got a rip just under the zipper area – and not just a small rip, but a big one where if I stuck something in there without looking – it would either end up in the main purse area or in back of the lining. The other pouch area was useless, instead of staying against the side of the purse, it opened up to the middle and wasn’t very big. So if I tried to quickly put something in the purse, it would get caught on the flap and then the purse wouldn’t zip closed. Also – I didn’t think this through ahead of time: the purse doesn’t go well when I’m just wearing workout shorts and a t-shirt on the weekends. It’s way too fancy for that and looked silly.

So I just happened to get a $30 reward credit for Zappos. I searched the sale/clearance items and was able to find get a purse and a headband for the $30 credit – so it was free for me! What I like about this new purse is that it is nice enough to wear with work clothes but casual enough to wear with workout shorts and a t-shirt. It’s also smaller than the other one, which I like because I don’t want to carry a lot with me. All in all, it ended up working out for the best. If you’re interested, it’s a Vera Bradley Little Crossbody, color is Java Floral and it was on sale for $19.99.


Here are some purse finding tips I learned along the way:

-If you are only going to buy/use one purse, consider ALL the outfits you normally wear and make sure it works with everything in style and color.

-Consider the size and what you want to carry all the time. Don’t just buy something big because you have something big, really consider what you need to have with you and buy based on that. Also consider the weight and how that will affect your back and posture.

-Consider how you plan to wear it. Do you want a long strap, short strap, adjustable, removable, etc.

-It’s great to buy on sale and find a good deal but don’t buy something that is really cheap and won’t last long.

-If you are looking at it in a store, zip and unzip it. Check out all the pockets and compartments if it has them. Consider how easy it will be to get to your items. If you have bulky items, make sure you will be able to find a place for them.


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