Rent Increase. Again.

I live in an apartment. Our lease is up soon. Our rent is going to increase. Again.

Last year the increase was $165 per month. I was so annoyed that I wrote a blog post about it, which you can find here: Rent Increase.

This year the increase is $176 per month.

We moved into this apartment three years ago. It has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a patio, washer/dryer, walk in closets, 1027 square feet. The complex has a club house, a gym, pools, spas, a fire pit, playgrounds, and a walking trail. So it is a really nice place to live. I get that and I do appreciate it.

However, three years ago the rent was around $2250 for this exact same apartment we live in. This year, if we renew our lease, the rent will be $2700. Nothing has changed in this complex or in the apartment to make it better or worth more and certainly not worth that kind of increase. In fact, the complex has actually gotten worse in a few ways and our apartment is starting to show it’s wear and tear on the cheap carpet and the cheap paint that was used on the walls. So essentially we are expected to pay more and get less in return.

Now is the time where I start really considering what I actually need vs I actually want in a place to live. And the cats just make it more complicated…


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