Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship

This is just a brief glimpse at the Disney Fantasy cruise ship from when I was there in February 2017. Just a little introduction as there is just so much to see and so much to say that it can’t be contained in a blog post. I have been on the Fantasy twice (once in September 2014 and once in February 2017). If you ever have a chance to go, I definitely recommend it!


We chose the cheapest, inside stateroom and it was more than enough for us. I love all the Disney details and the magic porthole (it’s kind of like a TV screen but it has an actual view of what we would see if we have an actual ocean view room. Every now and then a Disney character will pop up or float by or swim by. In the picture, the screen is showing another ship because we were actually docked next to another ship.


The chandelier in the atrium was pretty wild. I’m sure there is a whole story behind it but I like the colors and fun of it. Most cruise ships will have a big chandelier in the atrium so it’s always interesting to see the different ones.


The picture above shows the top deck of the ship. The area where all the people are standing converts into a pool (in the picture the pool is covered so that people can stand there). The TV is used to show movies, cartoons, etc. You can also see the aqua duck water roller coaster in the picture on the left side. Disney cruises are pretty awesome because they start off with a sail away desk party! That’s what is shown in the picture above. It’s high energy, lots of characters and a lot of fun (for all ages). It really gets your vacation started right!


Because it’s a Disney ship, you can find Disney murals, paintings, pictures, etc all over the ship. The picture above is from the main buffet eating area.


Disney cruise line used to have very simple chocolates that they left on your bed at night but they recently changed to Ghirardelli chocolates!!! Delicious! It was a very wonderful change!


Disney cruise lines offer rotational dining with three dining rooms. On the Fantasy, the dining rooms are Animators Palate (shown above), Enchanted Gardens and Royal Court. Your “key to the world” card which you use to open the door to your room, get on and off the ship, and charge items to your room also includes your table # and dining rotation. Example, you might eat at Animators the first night, then Enchanted Garden, then Royal Court, then Animators, then Enchanted, then Royal, then Animators (it all depends on how long the cruise is). Your servers rotate with you so you get to know them and they get to know you. Animators palate changes colors and the screens change to become more interactive.


The picture above is the Royal Court dining room. Notice the lights on the left and right of the walkway at the carriages from Cinderella! The servers also have different outfits that they wear so that they match the theme of each dining room. All the food in these dining rooms is included in the price of your cruise as well as water, tea, soda. Alcoholic beverages cost extra.


And the third dining room is shown above, the Enchanted Garden. I really felt like dinners on a Disney Cruise are much more of an event and something you really don’t want to miss! In this restaurant the “sky” turns from day to night as you enjoy your email and the flower lights that hang from the ceiling open up. You may wonder why my husband took a picture of the back of the mickey fountain (if you notice that the mickey/cupid is facing the other way). My best guest is that he was trying to capture more of the restaurant in the photo; the Mickey is facing the entrance so you can see the whole walkway and tables in this photo. If he took the picture the other way, you’d only see the back of the restaurant.

*All pictures in this post were taken by my husband with his Google Pixel phone.


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