I Don’t Like Mother’s Day.

I don’t like Mother’s Day. I wish we could all stop celebrating it and that it would stop being advertised. For so many people, it is a very hard day. For some, it is hard because they have tried to have kids and can’t. Mother’s Day is then just another reminder that they are not a mom. For others, it is hard because their mother is no longer around – sometimes it is because she has passed away, other times it is because of a broken relationship or it is a completely different reason altogether. Then there are the children who are in foster care and are not with the first mother they have ever known, some might even be confused as to what or who they are supposed to be celebrating on this day. Some children have abusive mother’s that they still live with and cannot ever relate to the cards that are for “the best mom in the world.” Other children are now adults and had abusive mother’s and don’t really want to celebrate their mother because it only reminds them of their horrible childhood. And then there are the women who choose not to have children and therefore are not mother’s, but yet on this day they may end up feeling like they made the wrong choice or feel that they are being called out because they did not follow the social norm of having children.

I remember reading a while back about how the “founder” of mother’s day tried to take it back and stop it once it started getting too commercialized because that wasn’t the point of it. We all missed the point and perhaps we all still do. I know that not all holidays are for all people… but I think Mother’s Day (and Father’s Day) can be especially hard for a lot of people. And I really wish we could stop celebrating it.

I know that I personally can stop celebrating it whenever I want but it won’t stop all the commercials and the ads and people asking “what are you doing for Mother’s Day?” and the reminds that “mother’s day is coming up…”


9 thoughts on “I Don’t Like Mother’s Day.

  1. Yeah, in regards to church – I sometimes skip Mother’s Day. I have no problem with acknowledging it is Mother’s Day and honoring mothers. But too many churches go way beyond and overboard – it is like the Sunday service becomes about worshiping motherhood rather than Jesus! As you point out, Mother’s Day is tough for some and this exaggerated focus makes it unbearable.

    Or something I’ve noticed to be an increasing trend is to try to make Mother’s Day about ALL women, whether they are mothers or not — because all women are motherly or nurturing even if they are not a mother. I’ve seen churches take this approach, in an effort (I guess) to make those who are not mothers feel included. Ugh. This backfires.

    I don’t have kids (happily content that way, no crisis) and I am also NOT motherly or nurturing. Well, if ALL women are supposed to be motherly and I am not – well what does that make me?? A freak? Not a woman? Uh, I am definitely a woman.

    And for me, if you try to make this about ALL women, then it takes away from the women who ARE supposed to be honored – actual mothers. As said, I have no problem honoring mothers but not in the crazy way it has gotten out of hand – commercialized and over-emphasized – even in the church. As you say: “We all missed the point and perhaps we all still do.”

    THANKS for listening. : )

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    1. Totally agree with the church services I’ve been to on mother’s (or father’s) day being awkward. The church I went to usually had a sermon based on motherhood then a gift for all women afterwards (usually a flower). To me it’s like “thanks for the flower and pointing out that I’m not a mom.”

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  2. I feel the same way. I am blessed to still have a mother on this earth and I show my love for her daily. I always feel bad for those who have lost their moms and even worse for those that had bad mothers.

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