Eastern Caribbean Adventures: St Thomas

My husband and I went on a Disney Cruise on the Disney Fantasy in February 2017. For our port adventure in St Thomas/St John, we chose to do the Caribbean Sea Safari, Snorkeling and Beach Tour (ST46). The day prior to this excursion, we were in Tortola and did basically the same kind of port adventure so it was interesting to compare the two.


Once off the ship, it was a rather long walk to the boat (the Virgin Breeze). It wasn’t super long but it definitely wasn’t just right there; I thought it was interesting to see a little of the area and walk along the streets. Once on the boat, we headed out to the snorkeling area. We had about an hour to snorkel, which was plenty of time. We had the option to either follow one of the guides or snorkel on our own. We followed the guide and it was very interesting to hear what she had to say about the area and the fish and corals. She first lead us over to the sea turtle area.We were told that once the sea turtles start coming up to not move and not chase them and not touch them. I think we saw three of them and one emerged up right next to my husband!

This was part of the snorkel area where there was a lot of neat coral to see.

We then swam over to the coral area and she explained a few of the different corals and there was such a variety of coral and fishes. There was definitely more to see than there was in Tortola. Once we were done snorkeling, we boarded the boat again and went to a beach area where we had time to relax and hang out. The port adventure description said we would get snacks but there weren’t any snacks offered when we were on the trip. However, the people were super friendly and there was a ton of soda and an alcoholic drink available. We don’t drink so we were happy to have easy access to the cans of coke.

This was the beach area after snorkeling. The sand is to the left.

At the beach area, the boat docks in about 4 feet of water. However, it stays in the same area so you don’t have to bring your stuff with you if you don’t want to. If you did want to bring your stuff, you had to hold it above your head so it wouldn’t get wet when you get off. We left our stuff on the boat and just swam around in the water area.


I really enjoyed this excursion and would recommend it and might even do it again if we go back to St Thomas.

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*All pictures in this post were taken by my husband on his Google Pixel phone.


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