What’s In My Purse?

I just got a new purse. It’s adorable and the picture is in the link here (Choosing a purse is exhausting.). Of course, right after I got it, I realized that it’s not very well made. There are two pockets on the inside – one has a zipper and it ripped. The other is more like a flap but it seems to stay open so everything gets stuck in it and if you put anything in it, then you can’t really use the rest of the purse. Anyways, I can’t hold much in there and that’s probably a good thing. I want to go for the more minimalist/simple approach to life so only bringing what I need with me is a good start. I decided to make a list of everything in my purse and here it is:



-Peanuts (if I don’t get enough protein or don’t eat enough, I get really shaky so I keep peanuts in my purse)

-Eye drops (I have really dry eyes and actually keep eye drops everywhere)

-2 hairs ties with 1 hair clippy attached to it

-2 bandaids (I actually am not sure why I keep bandaids  in my purse, I never seem to need them)

-2 ricola (I recently had a cold so kept these with me for sore throat and cough)

-2 packs tissues (I recently had a cold but normally have allergies so I always have tissues with me)

-lotion (this is a hotel/sample size lotion bottle that I keep refilling)


-2 vitamins in a contact case (I recently had to start taking vitamin D supplements)

-cell phone

-cards (ID, medical card, dental card, debit card, credit card, key to the world card, 4 gift cards, zoo pass, blood donor card, 1 check, AAA card, library card, Costco card)

-$13 cash

I think my list is pretty reasonable but if needed, I can probably take out the hair ties, hair clip, bandaids, vitamins (if I just keep a few at work instead), gift cards & library card & zoo pass & blood donor card (I’d just have to remember to get them if I go to those places).

I actually did this same kind of post back in July 2015 and what is really interesting is that back then, I had exactly 2 hair bands and a hair clip… which makes me think I must never actually use those and just keep carrying them around just in case. Other than that, I think I dropped a few other items I was carrying around between then and now. Here is my old post if you’re interested: What’s In Your Purse?


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