Eastern Caribbean Adventures: Tortola

My husband and I went on the Eastern Caribbean Cruise on the Disney Fantasy in February 2017. For our stop in Tortola (British Virgin Islands), we chose the Treasure Island Swim & Snorkel (TT44) through the Disney Port Adventures. After getting off the ship, it was a really short walk to the boat (the Rebel Yell) that was going to take us on our snorkeling and beach adventure.

View of Tortola from the cruise ship.

Once aboard the Rebel Yell, it was about 30 minutes before we reached the snorkeling spot. We had about one hour to snorkel and that was plenty of time for us. There was a cave area you could swim to but it was small, so only a few people could go in at a time. It was a bit hard to try to stay in one place while waiting for your turn to enter the cave and inside the cave, there were some fish but I don’t really think it was worth the wait to get in.

This is where we snorkeled.

After snorkeling, we went on a short ride to the beach. They warned us before getting off that there is a restaurant on the left that is very expensive and you have to pay to use any of the beach chairs on that side. However, if you go to the right, the prices are much more affordable and you can use the beach chairs and tables for free. We went over to the right and got some water, soda and cheese sticks. I was feeling a bit under the weather and thought the cheese sticks were expensive for what you got but my husband thought they were delicious and felt they were an okay price. The people were really friendly.

This is where we ate cheese sticks and got some water and soda.

We had about an hour and a half at the beach area. After eating, we found a table to sit down. We could have gone in the water but I wasn’t feeling good so we just enjoyed the view and waited until it was time to go back.


I probably wouldn’t do this excursion again because we both thought the snorkeling was better in St. Thomas. So if we end up back in Tortola, I’d like to try something new. It really is a beautiful place so I’m sure there are other excursions that could be fun!

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*All pictures in this post were taken by my husband on his Google Pixel phone.



3 thoughts on “Eastern Caribbean Adventures: Tortola

  1. It never hurts to compare the prices. Sometimes the guides are in cahoots with a certain place and tell you it is better or cheaper and really it’s not. We had that happen in Rome where the guides steered people to a particular cafe and said everything else was really expensive. Besides the food there not being very good, it also cost considerably more than all the other nearby places – but they didn’t post prices so nobody knew until they went to pay. Turned out they gave the guides free lunch for steering people in there.

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