Is It Even Worth Scanning?

At Christmastime, I went through the Christmas decoration box and pulled out the Christmas photo cards that I planned to scan and save as digital images on the computer. Those all went into a pile near the scanner/printer. Then recently, I went through my keepsake box and pulled out items that could be scanned/saved instead of keeping the actual paper/photo of the item. I then put them all in a bag and set it near the scanner/printer.

It will take a while to scan it all and save it so it makes me wonder why I’m even bothering to do it? Am I even going to look at those images later? And if I do, are they going to be images that I’m really glad I kept? I’m not sure because mostly they aren’t really my images or my memories or my pictures… they are the ones people send me of their pictures and their memories. Yet, I kind of feel bad just throwing them out as though I’m throwing them out… which I’m not.

Maybe I just need to really sort through the items again and only scan those that really mean a lot to me and ones that I know I will look back on and think “I’m really glad I took the time to scan that and save it.” Then going forward, I will have to make sure if I want to keep something I scan it and save it right away, then can toss it after a week or so knowing it’s already saved and I will be able to see it again later if I want. And for the items that I know I won’t look back on, perhaps I’ll be okay with just keeping them for a short while to enjoy them then discarding them after they have served their purpose.

What do you do with those sorts of things? Like the Christmas cards that have photos on them or in them? And the cards that have something written on them that really mean a lot to you?


6 thoughts on “Is It Even Worth Scanning?

    1. Not sure if you’re saying you trash it all or that I should but I’m starting to think that I should just toss it all. It’s not as though I miss these things right now since I haven’t even looked at them since I got them.


  1. I’ve never saved a Christmas card photo or otherwise. I know someone who saves every single card she ever gets, but have no idea if she ever looks at them or if they are just in a box somewhere gathering dust. Wouldn’t have even thought of scanning them, but then again the only scanner I ever had stopped functioning when the computer it was attached to updated itself one time too many and stopped acknowledging the scanner’s existance.

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      1. I guess that depends on whether or not you would ever do anything with it. If you put it into a photo album or scrapbook yes. Just leave the photos on the SD card – well at least that doesn’t take up much room since a whole box of SD cards would take up very little physical space and none on the computer. I’ve known people that make next year’s tags out of last year’s cards. It’s an individual thing – depends on if they mean anything to you.

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