Can I Live Without It?

I read somewhere recently (and I’ve heard of this before so it wasn’t an entirely new idea) that when you run out of something, it could be good to try to see how long you can go before replacing it. In doing this, you might realize that you didn’t need really need it after all.

Right after reading it, I ran out of q-tips. I know that there are many studies and websites out there that say how bad it is to use q-tips to clean ears… however, once you start using them regularly to clean your ears, it is extremely hard to stop. And this is a habit I picked up probably as a pre-teen. When I ran out of q-tips this time (about a week ago), I first decided to research it a little more on the internet and learned that there are actually reasons that people feel the need to use q-tips after they stop (their ears feel itchy) so it isn’t just a habit for no reason. I also read about why I shouldn’t use q-tips and that there are alternatives (taking a little piece of tissue and cleaning the outside of the ear after a shower can help). I can now say that it feels good to be q-tip free and I have realized that it is a product that I really didn’t need after all.

Another product I ran out of was shampoo. Yes, I ran out of shampoo and q-tips about a day apart. Normally, I would just add these two items to the grocery list and pick them up the next time I’m out. However, I decided to try the same experiment with the shampoo. I know some people can go completely without shampoo or make their own but I can’t (or maybe I can but I’m just not willing to do that). So instead, I decided to try using the “shampoo” that my husband uses. It is called Everyone Soap and it is a 3 in 1 (shampoo, shower gel, bubble bath). I use it as a shower gel every day but never wanted to use it as shampoo… until now when I thought I’d give it a shot. And you know what? It works. My hair is alright and it’s convenient and now we don’t need to store extra items in the shower.

This little experiment worked for me and helped me to simplify my life (and cut back on expenses while I’m at it). So I want to encourage you to give it a try – when you run out of something, see how long you can go without out. Of course, I wouldn’t recommend this for certain things such as water, food, toilet paper, etc. Use some common sense with this suggestion! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Can I Live Without It?

  1. My son keeps getting ear infections so the doctor said.. no more cleaning with q-tips! Apparently it can push wax back into the ear and then it can’t drain naturally. So when we ran out, we didn’t buy anymore. I’ve struggled with this myself but we haven’t bought any in over 6 months now.

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      1. I was going crazy the other day after I got out of the shower because I had gotten water in my ear and I wanted a q-tip so bad! But I survived without one.

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  2. there is this ear cleaner i have seen on tv that is supposed to be safer than q-tips for cleaning wax out of the ears.
    i have tried the all in one wash and shampoo, but it dried out my hair too much. so back to shampoo.


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