Compassion Letter Writing.

My husband and I have three sponsored children through Compassion International. With Compassion, each child has exactly 1 sponsor and we are encouraged to write to the children and they will write back. Originally, the letters/cards/photos were sent to Colorado for the children and then would be routed to the appropriate place. Same with the return letters, they child would write it, it would get sent to Colorado and then routed to us. I was really good at this because I planned ahead for the year and had one card per child per month ready to go with stickers or a photo or a postcard. Each month, I would write a note inside and send them off.

Sometime last year (I think) they changed the way letters are done. Now we can write letters to the children online and attach photos. The children write back and the letters get scanned into the website and we can log in to view/print them. I understand why they made the changes (saves time and money that could be used elsewhere and also speeds up the process since there is no snail mail delay) but I must admit that I am now HORRIBLE at writing. I don’t want to log into another website to type up another “letter” to send. I get an email when there is a letter from one of the children waiting for me to read… and then I just don’t make time to go to the website to download the letter and read it.

I spend all day on a computer at work and would much rather spend some time away from it when I get home… but maybe this system works better for some people? I don’t know but I do know that it isn’t really working out for me.


7 thoughts on “Compassion Letter Writing.

  1. We sponsor through WorldVision, and you also write letters back and forth – except you send the letter directly to the country the child is from – a WV office there. When our present child ages out (18) we had thought of switching to Compassion b/c our church partners with Compassion – but with what you share, I doubt we will switch. Hope WV does not have plans for the same!! Is this now the ONLY option with Compassion? Could you continue the old way if you wanted? (I guess not.) For me too, there is something totally different between sending and receiving a tangible letter in the mail and via computer. I’d have little desire to download a letter, etc. Bleh.

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      1. So would they scan postcards and photos if you sent tangible ones? That would work, but what about sending stickers, ribbons, bookmarks, etc? Those would not be the same if scanned! Sorry – not meaning to throw questions at you but I just wondered.

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    1. They partner with local churches and set up child development centers where they provide the kids with food, hygiene/health care, education, physical activity, etc. I don’t know if all those places have computers or if they use whatever area is closest that has internet to print/scan. We have the option of going to visit our sponsored children and visiting some of the centers they have in that area but we haven’t done it… So can’t say if they all have computers or not.


      1. My familiarity with both WorldVision and Compassion is that many of these children would be from remote or lacking villages. But the organization has a central office where the letters are received, translated, and then delivered to the children. In the WV mag I have read articles about WV workers going out to the remote locations to deliver letters from the sponsors – and in some places it is a real event and much excitement! : )

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