Book review: Brilliance by Marcus Sakey


To me, this book was a bit hard to get into. It started off with an interesting idea but then just didn’t seem to really go anywhere. If it was a borrowed book, I probably would have returned it but since I bought it on sale, I figured I should finish it. About half way through it starts to pick up and get a lot better. The second half was definitely better than the first. For some reason, I found this author a bit hard to read – almost like there were too many words or too much description that wasn’t needed but I don’t know if that was quite what it was. Just something about it didn’t seem to flow that well to me. There are some bad words thrown in but nothing overly done, also a few sex scenes but nothing too major. Overall, it was alright once I got into the second half. Since I already bought the second and third (they were on sale, too), I will probably read them – maybe they’ll be better!

*Read February 2017


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