Alumni Verification – Don’t Fall For It.

I received a postcard in the mail about a week or so ago and it mentioned it was alumni verification from the high school I attended. I ignored it. I received another in the letter today and the front of it says “IMPORTANT ALUMNI VERIFICATION NOW DUE Please call 1-800-366-4146 in the next 5 days.” It is addressed to me (my maiden name) with my address and the emblem of the high school I attended. The back of it is a longer letter that basically says verification of alumni information is now due for all alumni and my alumni file has not been confirmed. So they just need me to call 1-800-366-4146 in the next 5 days so that they can confirm my data and mark my file as verified. I looked up the phone number online, didn’t find much. Looked up the address, didn’t find much but then spotted a better business bureau record for it. So I clicked on that, looked at the complaints and sure enough – sounds like once a person calls to “verify their data,” they are also being sold an alumni book of some sort. Later, they receive an invoice saying they owe however much money for an alumni book. No thank you. I don’t want to verify my data and I don’t want an alumni book.

These spammers are rather creative sometimes. And maybe this actually is legit and people actually do verify their data and then buy publications of the data so that they can find out what their former classmates are doing many years later. It’s quite possible that this is a legit business that some people actually benefit from.

All I know is that it definitely isn’t for me and it sounds tricky and I’m not falling for it.


6 thoughts on “Alumni Verification – Don’t Fall For It.

  1. Such a shame there are people out there making their living by preying on the vulnerabilities of others. Glad you didn’t fall for it. We got a call last night from one of those people who pretend they are from Microsoft and I was wondering who would still fall for a scam so old the dinosaur kids probably warned their grandparents about it.

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      1. A guy I know who repairs computers said he had a customer who fell for that scam when it was new and let those people so far into his computer that he had to just trash it and get a new one. They have a new scam now where a pop up on the computer claims to be microsoft saying you have spyware and click the link to fix it – where of course clicking the link would actually lead to problems you formerly didn’t have.


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