Choco-Mint Cookies.

A while back I found a recipe for Chocolate Mint Cookies on the All Recipes website and it is by someone named Susan Black. The recipe is rather complicate for cookies because you have to heat some ingredients over low heat in a pan, then transfer them to a bowl and add more items, then fridge the dough, then bake the cookies, then add a chocolate mint wafer candy on top of each one so that it melts. I’m honestly not sure what a chocolate mint wafer candy is so I used half of an Andes mint on each one and that worked out well. The cookies came out great, they look great, taste great… and if I’m ever in the mood to bake a complicated cookie, I’ll definitely do this one again! The top picture shows the cookies fresh out of the oven with the half mint on top… the bottom picture shows how the mints melt within 5 minutes then you just spread it out a little. They seriously don’t look like they are melting but then after 5 minutes, you just touch them with a knife and they are fully melted.



7 thoughts on “Choco-Mint Cookies.

  1. They look delicious because I love mint! It looks like the Andes mints worked great. I don’t think those wafers are very easy to find anymore. I know that you can find the colorful mint wafers around, they’re like pastel colors, but I don’t think I’ve seen chocolate mint ones recently.

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