Shoe Simplicity.

I have three pairs of shoes. That’s it. No flip flops. No high heels. No sandals. I used to have a dressy kind of sandal that sort of had a heel to it but I didn’t wear them often and found that they really weren’t comfortable. After I sprained my foot in 2014, it was hard to wear flip flops and I’ve heard they aren’t that great for your feet anyways so I got rid of mine and never bought more.

I love LOVE love the idea of minimalism or simple living or intentional living… however you want to phrase it. Getting down to three pairs of shoes feels good. It feels right. I feel empowered! My shoes are below. The ones on the left are water shoes made for going to the beach or the pool or a water park but sometimes I wear them with socks and they look like regular shoes. The middle ones are trail running/walking shoes or something like that, I use them for every day shoes and also used them for jogging quite a few times. They are kind of bulky and are getting holes in them so once they wear out completely, I’m not sure if I’ll replace them. I might just start wearing the water shoes more often and then just have two pairs of shoes. The ones on the right are my work shoes, they’re actually walking shoes but since they’re all black they can pass as work shoes. They are also what I wear when I have to dress up for something, I have black pants (no dresses or skirts) so they go with the black pants for whatever dressy occasion it is.



19 thoughts on “Shoe Simplicity.

      1. My hero! We were talking about you having only 3 shoes – hubby was impressed! He, of course, said I have so many less now that he thinks my shoe collection needs to have something similar to the hangar “challenge” some people do for their clothes. He is so smart!

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      2. Maybe put all your shoes in a big box or bag, then only take out the ones you wear. If you end up not wearing a pair after all, it goes back in the box. After you wear it, it stays out! Set a date (even one year from today would work) and anything left in the box or bag gets donated.

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  1. For many many years I only had 3 pairs of shoes. It was great. No one could complain that I had too many shoes. Somehow in the last couple of years they have multiplied. I have no idea what happened or why I have so many now!

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      1. There are a lot of successful people who only wear one signature outfit or have a few that are extremely similar in color, have you read those articles about them? I found it fascinating. I try to do that, it is limiting but also extremely easy.


  2. I’ve lived minimalist or whatever for years. Back in the day, it was frugality and mainly for financial reasons. But then I discovered that many of the things I did were also good for the environment. And also line up with simple living or minimalism too. Less stuff is empowering – it streamlines your life in various ways. Keep at it!

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    1. Yes, I like less stuff though it doesn’t always mean saving money for me. Sometimes I would rather just have one nice thing that costs a bit more than five cheap things that cost less. One cool thing about simple loving or minimalism is that it all depends on why you do it and what you want to get it of it… So for different people, it can be different!

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      1. I understand and agree. That describes me as well – preferring to splurge on one nice item than to have several cheaper ones.

        And while this is a different point… One tenet of frugality is that “saving” sometimes means initially spending more for quality. One quality item may last years, while a cheap version may have to be re-bought multiple times, ultimately costing more.

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