Loose Leaf Tea Tumbler.

I love hot tea and iced tea but have always used tea bags. I finally got a loose leaf tea tumbler (at least I’m pretty sure that is what it is called) and some loose leaf tea and I really enjoyed it. The tumbler has a filter in it (right under the white top part) specifically designed for loose leaf tea. And the tumbler itself is a glass container inside of a plastic container so the tea and water is in glass (so you can put in boiling hot water) but it goes inside a plastic container so that you can hold it and if you drop it, the glass most likely won’t break. I really wasn’t sure how this would work out but it worked out well!



3 thoughts on “Loose Leaf Tea Tumbler.

  1. Loose leaf tea is another planet, let’s say it!
    I adore tea, and there is a huge choise of loose leaf teas (white, green, black, flavoured, chinese, african, japanese, etc.): try and be satisfy πŸ˜€

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