A Sad Bird Story

Yesterday I was sitting on the couch reading with the two cats on my lap. Suddenly there was a big bang that made me jump and both cats jumped off my lap and ran to the sliding glass door that looks out onto the patio. A bird had flown into the glass and was knocked out on the patio. Of course both cats just stared at him intensely but then got bored when the bird wasn’t moving. At first his tail feathers were fluffed and then they relaxed. After that, the bird didn’t move at all, he just lay on his book and his little feet were sticking straight up in the air.

I honestly had no idea what I was supposed to do. Google pulled up a few websites that suggested putting the bird in a shoebox to keep him safe while he recovers then release him when he seems able to fly away and another site said a vet will usually take them. For some reason, the idea of touching or picking up the bird freaked me out. My husband said it happens at his workplace sometimes and the birds usually just need a little bit of time to get out of the shock and then they’ll fly away. So we waited and waited but the bird was dead.


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