Today is my birthday.

Today is my birthday. I am now 32. Sometimes I wonder what 32 is supposed to look like, act like, dress like. Of course, there is no answer.

I don’t feel old but then I think about certain things growing up and realize how much has changed in 32 years. I had a TV with a turn dial (no remote) and I think it only went up to channel 13. We had VHS tapes but if you watched them too much they stopped working. When playing Nintendo, if the game wouldn’t start you had to blow into it and try again. In most cars, you literally had to roll down the window – there wasn’t a magic button to press. We didn’t have a home computer for a long time and even once we did, it didn’t have internet (nobody had email and social media didn’t exist). I didn’t get a cell phone until college and even then all you could do is make calls and text (which meant pushing the # buttons a lot to get to the right letter).

Were things better back be then? I don’t know but there certainly were different.




7 thoughts on “Today is my birthday.

    1. It’s weird to think about, right? We had Atari as well but I don’t remember it as much as Nintendo. When I was young, I absolutely loved to color with coloring books and crayons… and now I wonder if any kids still do things like that or is it all electronic toys…

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