Quotes from Yes, Chef.

“My mother’s cabbage rolls were special because the very preparation of the dish forced her to slow down so I could enjoy her presence as much as her cooking. The literal translation for dim sum is ‘little bits of heart.’ My mother’s cabbage rolls were my dim sum.”
“As chefs, we definitely are in the memory business: We are creating a memory with ingredients.”
“I’m always battling myself—the part of me that says I can and the part of me that says I can’t. My greatest gift has been that the part of me that says ‘I can’ is always, always just a little bit louder.”
“Those Smögen men, and I count my father among them, were unafraid of hard work. They were their own doctors, therapists, and career counselors. I constantly reminded myself that they would never quit a job just because of the name-calling and plate-throwing and brutal hours that are common in a professional kitchen. I made it my business to be tough in the ways that they were tough—on the inside, where it counted.”
“As a black girl in Sweden, Anna always stood out. But she handled it all in her own elegant way, in part because my mother and her parents never made race an issue.”
“I sat rock still as I read of Pelé coming to Göteborg (Göteborg!) at seventeen to play in the 1958 World Cup finals. Pelé described walking onto the field of Nya Ulleví Stadium, a few miles from my house, wearing his number 10 jersey: He knew the crowd was focused on him, wondering who ‘this skinny little black boy’ was. Pelé was my first hero and my first black role model, and that book meant the world to me.”
*All quotes are from Yes, Chef by Marcus Samuelsson. My review of the book can be found here: Book Review: Yes, Chef

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