Book Review: The Burgess Boys by Elizabeth Strout


I really liked this book but I don’t know how to describe it or even what category it would fall into. It’s a story about three siblings who grow up and the different paths their lives take and the different things they do and think. They are all kind of odd but in a relatable sort of way (unless your family is perfect, then you might just think they are all extremely weird!). There are on-going story lines throughout for each of the main characters and I enjoyed all those story lines equally – sometimes with books you just want to read more about one character but seriously I found them all interesting. I also liked the style of writing, to me it seemed similar to the Fannie Flagg books I’ve read. There isn’t any graphic sex scenes and only some bad language, the thing people might find most offensive is the continual use of “Jesus” and “God” but not in a religious type of way. But if you can look past that, it’s a good book.

*Read August 2016



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