Book Review: I Am Second by Doug Bender, Dave Sterrett


I like the idea behind this book and found it interesting to read about different people. Each chapter/story is about one person telling his/her story. Most stories seemed to follow the same pattern and there was not that much of a variety between the stories. I was glad that the stories were short because it made them easier to read, especially when some were not that exciting. It definitely wasn’t a book that I didn’t want to put down – which in some ways made it nice because it was easy to leave it and go back to it later or to just read for a short period of time. This book wasn’t that great but wasn’t bad either – it was okay. I really like the idea/message behind it more than I liked the actual book.

*Read June 2016


2 thoughts on “Book Review: I Am Second by Doug Bender, Dave Sterrett

    1. Those would have good to include in my review! I Am Second is a movement, I guess you could can it. The meaning behind it is that God is first, I am second. The stories are mostly famous people who ended up really into an addiction (alcohol, drugs, porn, etc) that was ruining their life and then they end up believing in God and once they start putting God and others first, their lives get better and they recover and go on to live a better life. There is also a website with videos of the same people and stuff you can buy and things you can do.


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