My bathroom is too big.

I recently went on a cruise for two weeks. Prior to that, the longest cruise I had ever been on was one week. Two weeks on a cruise ship is pretty awesome if you love cruising, which I do. If you have ever cruised, you’ll know the bathrooms are rather small, you can basically use the toilet, then stand up and without taking any steps you can wash your hands. You can also step out of the shower, turn and either use the toilet or wash your hands without even really moving your feet. It’s very efficient, really.

Upon returning from the cruise and getting back to normal life, I went to use the bathroom in my apartment and I seriously could not get over how big the bathroom is. I live in an apartment so the bathroom is not one of those luxury bathrooms you see in some huge homes where they have a separate shower that could hold around 5 people, and a bathtub as large as a jacuzzi and a double sink with enough counter space to hold a buffet. But still, in the bathroom it takes about 2 steps to get from the shower/bath combo to the sink. I was actually a little puzzled as to why we would need that extra floor space in the bathroom especially when (after cruising) I realized that you really don’t need much floor space in a bathroom.

The bathroom at home also has a regular sized medicine cabinet, two drawers and three cabinet areas built under the sink. After living in a cruise ship bathroom that contained exactly one shelf to hold everything my husband and I would need, I was amazed at how much storage space there was! Who needs that much space to contain the stuff they use in the bathroom!?

I had never really noticed or gave much thought about how big the bathroom was until returning from this cruise. I don’t even know if there is a better way to utilize all that space when it really doesn’t seem needed.


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