Sometimes I think of going back to Facebook. Then I remember why I left.

I felt good about leaving and I still believe it was a good decision. However, it just seems like everyone is on there without me. I guess I just feel a little left out. But then again, I think about what I would post if I was on there and what kind of comments people would leave and there is this kind of anxious feeling about comments on Facebook… like even if I just post something random or silly or funny, there is that chance that people on there might take it the wrong way. Then they’d comment about it and it could start a whole commenting chain and arguments and hurt feelings. And I’d feel like I need to defend what I wrote but it’s all just so silly, really. I suppose I could go back to it and not post anything, but then I’d feel like I’m missing out on something. That happened when I was on there, I felt like I needed to read everything that everyone posted otherwise I might be letting them down. Ah, Facebook – there was just too much pressure and I just really don’t think I could go back.

Here are my three prior posts about Facebook if you’re interested:





14 thoughts on “Facebook.

  1. I use Facebook but very sparingly. It’s just so invasive. I have more people that I don’t know as friends then people I do know – on purpose. I usually post horse show pics but not much more than that. And the latest update has a marketplace…. yuck. I definitely don’t need more stuff! LOL!

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  2. Sometimes I think I can open a FB account. To enlarge my blog view and improve followers and contacts, perhaps. But then I read negative opinions everywhere. Facebook is the “reign of unfavorable critical essay”: that’s the common idea. And I give up 😛

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  3. I’ve had Facebook for several years and never posted anything – and rarely commented on something. I used it simply to keep up with friends and family. Since starting my other blog (the cat one), I have been using it now – but more from the blog page, not my personal profile page. It’s also quite useful for groups. I’m part of a few closed groups where people can pose content specific questions – say about blogging or things like that. I’ve also been opened up to all the pages of rescues and charities and can follow along with their progress. But I do completely understand where you’re coming from.

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  4. I have left and gone back a few times. Right now I have only 14 of my closest friends on there. It is occasionally helpful to contact the customer service of a brand quickly. I have also had the odd bit of work come from there (I am self-employed). But overall, I am convinced it is a negative influence in my life. It just makes us compare ourselves to others and I think that leads to discontentment, depression and unhappiness. I think I just need to be as brave as you and go cold turkey!

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    1. There are definitely a lot of articles and thoughts on how it seems to negatively impact a lot of people. I do find it a bummer that so many companies are on there and make it hard to get a hold of them in other ways. It would really be easier if everyone just decided to leave Facebook together! Let’s go back to how it used to be before Facebook took over the world!!!


      1. i had myspace many many many years ago and left because i was hacked and moved over to xanga (which is pretty much defunct now) and that is why i came to wp. no to tweets, or google plus or instagram. but i do have a tumblr as i have a frind who goes there. i have whatsapp and wechat and snapchat as frinds use those and i wish i could get them all on just one. lol i do have a flickr site but it is very old and i really should update it and post my pics there.

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