He’s a special cat.

IMG_20160316_180541Prosperity is a special cat. There are things he does that Calamities doesn’t do and that other cats don’t really seem to do. Calamities and Prosperity are brothers and we got them both at the same time and treat them the same but they’re very different. We had to make special arrangements for Prosperity. These are the ways in which he is special:

-He chews wires. All sorts of wires. We put our TV and computers in a separate room he is not allowed to go in because he will chew through the wires. We got him dog chew toys and he loves them, but after a while he rips them apart and we have to throw them out.

-When he was younger he used to suck on Calamities. They are both boys, they were both kittens. Thankfully he grew out of it.

-He climbs on the fridge. He’s also more daring and will jump from the counter to the climber. There is a little narrow part of our window, just a little ledge that is maybe 2 inches wide and he climbed onto that. I still am not even sure exactly how he managed to walk on it.

-He sits on the stove when it is warm, after we have baked something. He’ll also sit on the counter when the dishwasher is going because it gets warm.

-He licks the sink, stove and counter. Sometimes I catch him with his front paws and head in the sink licking at whatever might be in there. We wipe down the sink, stove and counters so it is not as though he is finding food to eat but I guess some spots get missed or he can still taste something that was once there. He also licks the food dishes after they eat.

-He bites blankets.Sometimes when they are on me, sometimes when they are on the couch. And sometimes he’ll bite the blanket and drag it across the room.

-He needs a lot of attention. He’ll follow me and meow; sometimes he sits on the back of my chair when I eat and sometimes he’ll stretch up and grab onto me if I’m not paying attention to him. One time, he was sitting on the end table and I turned around to walk away and he jumped at me – it felt like someone bumped into my back! Thankfully he didn’t try to grab onto me with his paws. After that he just sat looking up at me as though he was wondering why I was petting him.



2 thoughts on “He’s a special cat.

  1. I can’t get over how much Prosperity looks like our Jim! I think that is one of his his specialties too – although I’m a little biased:) Such a great post! Cats really are the funniest things…

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