Underwear Is Complicated.

I need to buy a few more pairs of underwear. Just basic, simple, cotton underwear for women. Easy, right? Of course not. I have come to realize that this is way more complicated that I had anticipated. For starters, there are a ton of different styles available: Bikini, Briefs, Bikini Briefs, Sports Briefs, Boxer Briefs, Thongs, Cheeky, Hipster/Hip Huggers, Boy Shorts, Low Rise, High Cut. I actually never knew there were boxer briefs for women until I started looking for new underwear. Then almost all those styles come in different materials – silk, nylon, cotton, lace, etc. I guess it is good to have choices and variety but this is a little overwhelming.

Last time I bought underwear, I just grabbed a multi-pack from Costco but then Costco decided to change the brands/styles that they sell and so I tried another pack from there but they had the seam right up the middle of the butt. Which is bizarre. Who thought that was a good idea?!? Of all the places to put a seam… And the material is really thin.

It’s especially weird to think that there are a ton of people in this world that don’t even have access to clean water but here in the US we have 5 million varieties of underwear to choose from.



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