Simple Marriage: Try It For A Few Days.

My husband and I have found a system that works for us when it comes to new ideas – try it for a few days. Every now and then, I feel the need to move things around and sometimes my ideas are a little less than conventional and sometimes they are completely inconvenient. But my husband agrees to try it for a few days. After a few days, we talk about it and decide whether it worked or didn’t work, what was nice about it or what could have been improved. And if it was a good change and worked out, then it stays. If it was a bad change and didn’t work, then it either goes back to the way it was or we try something else.

I think the reason this came up was because I realized that when I ask about a change (example: what do you think if we move the sofa over to this area instead of where it’s at?), I would sometimes get a negative response (example: I really don’t think that would work). So the solution was to just make the change (example: move the sofa to where I wanted it) and then just try it out for a few days. We both have the mindset that this may not be permanent and there is no commitment to keep the change, we’re just trying it out. This agreement to try something out for a few days keeps me from feeling like my ideas are always being shot down before they are given a chance and also keeps us both from getting annoyed by too many changes or changes that only benefit one of us. I’ll admit that sometimes after only one day or a few hours I realize that my own idea didn’t work out but at least I tried and now I know!

I still have to be ready for the times when my husband will not like my ideas after a few days. And instead of saying or thinking “you always hate my ideas!” I say “what did you not like about it?” or “how do you think we could improve it?” We are both living in this house so it’s best to find ways to make things work well for both of us!

P.S. There was one time I had the idea of eating sandwiches for dinner every night for a week. My husband agreed and we ate sandwiches for dinner every night. I thought it worked out well so maybe we’ll do it again sometime. But you just never know until you try it.


6 thoughts on “Simple Marriage: Try It For A Few Days.

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