Vacation To Do List (Before You Go)

This is my vacation checklist of things to do or get done before leaving on vacation! Of course, everyone will have a different list but maybe I have something on my list that you want to add to yours? Or maybe you’ll have a suggestion I hadn’t considered? Or maybe you don’t even have a list and think this is a great idea and will start one today!

Things to Buy: travel snacks; refill prescriptions if needed; sunblock; bug wipes or spray; bottled waters for the cats and cat sitters; extra cat litter, extra cat food and extra genie refills; toilet paper; paper towels; soap for bathroom/kitchen (the first few items are to take with you and last items are to make sure your house is stocked with essentials)

Get extra cash if needed

Find pet sitters or house sitters if you’ll need them when you’re gone

Get library books for kindle/download movie for tablet (or borrow books from library, etc)

Plan for ride to airport/airbus/port/train or however you are starting your vacation

Online Check-In (this is usually available for hotels, cruises, airplanes, etc)

Let bank know you’re traveling, exchange money if needed

Email cat sitters all the details they might need (this will be in another post)

Post your itinerary, emergency phone #s, house information, etc on fridge if you will have people house or pet sitting for you

Wash sheets/towels (always nice to come home and have fresh sheets and towels ready)

Leave room or bring extra bag for souvenirs (I’ve never actually done this… but it seems like a good thing to do)

Compression socks to wear on flight (I just have to make sure I put these out with whatever outfit I plan to wear if we’re flying somewhere)

Put cat carriers in convenient place (you never know when the pet sitters might need them)

Leave work keys here and any cards we won’t need (typically there is no reason to bring my local library card, Costco card, etc on vacation with me unless of course I plan to go to Costco on my vacation)

Cut cat nails, furminator, wipe down cats, clean cat teeth

Water plants

Give house key to cat sitter(s) and the mail key if they’ll also  be checking your mail

Fill up cat feeders & water, empty litter genie, clean litter box

Throw out any old food that won’t be good when you get back

Take out the trash in kitchen and all bathrooms or wherever else your trash is located

Turn off computers, air filters, coffee makers, etc and unplug anything not needed

Close windows

Wipe down counters, wash dishes, run dishwasher, run garbage disposal (again, it’s much nicer to come home and have these things already done)

Pay bills/rent if needed (depends on when you’ll be gone and when you’re bills are due)


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