The News.

I read the news everyday. More specifically, I use Google Newsstand and check the news on there everyday and read the stories that interest me. But I’ve been noticing lately that it all seems to be the same and it doesn’t seem to be contributing much to my life. I’m thinking about not reading it for awhile and seeing how that goes. I never watch the news because I don’t have cable TV and don’t want to watch it on my phone or computer. I also don’t get a newspaper and don’t listen to news radio.


I did a Google search “should I read the news” and the first few results were interesting because they were mixed. There were lists of reasons why I should read the news and there were also lists of reasons why I shouldn’t.

I like to read the news because it makes me feel more informed about what is going on and sometimes there are interesting things to discuss. I don’t like to read the news because often it seems like a waste of time and it doesn’t seem to be adding anything to my life.

Do you read, watch out listen to the news? Does it seem to contribute to your life in a positive or negative way?


14 thoughts on “The News.

  1. i listen to news radio to and from work. mostly for the traffic updates,( i have up to a 2 hr. commute each way each day) but also to stay informed. if i get home on time, i will watch the network news. sometimes at lunch, i will look at flipbook on my phone


      1. i think i learn and somethings are interesting. im not sure if im glad afterwards, unless im searching about something. part of the reason i listen to news radio is 1. traffic and 2. because the station i use to listen to played music, but doesnt play as much in the morning. lol i guess i just like to stay a bit up to date about happenings. also, i have been told i seem too know a lot about unimportant things. lol

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  2. I watch the local morning news every day (I work from home and have it on in the background). But I find I have to mute it when certain “stories” come on. Half the time it’s not real news. I don’t visit news sites, but I do see some stories in my FB feed. I usual skim them if they seem interesting. But I rarely read a news story from start to finish.

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