Intentional About Books.

I really want to be more intentional about the books I read and try to read really good books. I’m always interested in book recommendations but I have realized that when people recommended books I was just adding them to my goodreads list then I would forget about it. After some thought, I have come up with a better plan and it goes like this:

  1. Add the book to my goodreads “to-read” list (when they have book giveaways, they’ll email me if the book is on my list and I might win a free copy of a book I want to read!)
  2. Check my local library to see if they have the book (they have a website I can check so it’s super easy, and if they have it I can either borrow it right away or add it to my wishlist or add myself to the hold list is there is a wait; if they do not have it, I can recommend it)
  3. If the library doesn’t have the book, I will add it to my Amazon wish list along with a comment about how much the book currently costs; if it is super cheap then I might just buy it at that time. I had an Amazon gift card from a while back that I loaded onto my account so it’s ready to buy a few books when needed.
  4. I’ll check my Amazon wish list from time to time and buy any books that go on sale for a good price (sometimes books that are over $10 will drop to $1.99 at random times so I’ve learned this is a good way to keep an eye on them and having a gift card pre-loaded is an easy way to both keep track of how much I spend on books as well as have a fast way to pay when needed)

Hopefully this plan will keep me on track for being more intentional about what I read. If you have any book recommendations, please add them in the comments below! Or if you have a different way that you keep up with book recommendations, please let me know!




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