Airplane & Cruise Carry-On

I’m dreaming of my next Disney vacation and making sure my checklists are ready! There are a ton of checklists for vacations found online but this is mine and I thought I’d share it with you. There are three sections since carry-on item needs are different for planes and cruises though some of the items are the same. This is just how I separate them.

For Both Airplane and Cruise Carry-On:

-Chapstick, Tissues, Small lotion, Eye Drops

-Tums, Anti-Itch Cream, Bandaids, Pain Reliever,Cough Drops, Any prescription medications (just a few of each is usually enough)

-Extra pair of prescription glasses

-Electronics (phone, camera, tablet, kindle, etc)


-Dollars for tips (for people who will handle your luggage)

-Luggage keys if you lock your luggage

-Reservation documentation, tickets, etc

Airplane Only (Not Needed For Cruise Carry-On):

-Chargers (phone, camera, tablet, kindle, etc)

-Gum and bottled water (to get your ears to pop)

-Small snack foods that do not smell strong (made the mistake of taking beef jerky on the airplane, it smelled strong, people were turning in their seats to look, lesson learned)

-Maps if needed

-Rain jacket if needed


Cruise Only (Not Needed For Airplane Carry-On):

-Bathing suits and sunblock if you plan to swim right away

Do you have any carry-on items that I didn’t list here?



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