1 Mile = 12.5 Minutes

I still consider myself a newbie runner since I just started last month. How long IS a person considered a newbie? Anyways, I feel I’ve made some great progress and have been pushing myself quite a bit though trying not to push myself too hard because I don’t like being sore and don’t want any aches. Here are some new things I’ve picked up on this adventure:

-Some days it is easier to run for longer distances and other days it is harder. It doesn’t seem that it just keeps getting easier and easier like I would have thought. Instead, some days my shins hurt a little, some days my stomach hurts if I run too much and some days I can go for quite a while and I surprise myself.

-A sweatband helps if you wear glasses. The headband/sweatband I wear is definitely not a fashion statement and I am not wearing it just for the look (I actually think it looks a bit outdated when I wear it, like I’m still trying to get in shape with an 80’s workout outfit). But it goes help keep the sweat from getting on my glasses which keeps my glasses from slipping down my nose a little.

-Speaking of glasses… If you take off your glasses for longer than a few seconds then try to put them back on, they may fog up. I made this mistake when I took off my glasses for about a minute or two and kept running, then put them back on and after a second, they fogged up and I couldn’t see much. So it is best to either keep them on or leave them off.

-I really wanted to go out and buy some new running pants but now that I think about it, I also hope to lose some weight. So perhaps it makes the most sense to wait on buying new gear or only get one or two items in the hopes that I’ll need a different size soon.

-I have been walking/jogging/running on the treadmill just about every day since February 1 but I think it’s time to start switching it up or adding in something new. Not sure exactly what yet or how that will work but I think something different is a good idea.



5 thoughts on “1 Mile = 12.5 Minutes

  1. hope you have good, well fitting shoes and that you get new ones as they break down pretty fast, within a few weeks depending on how much they are used. hydrate. pre hydrate and post hydrate too.


    1. I didn’t buy the shoes particularly for running but they are Salomon Trail Running shoes… though I don’t run on trails. I bought them before I started running on the treadmill as just a regular, every day, all occassion shoe.


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