Cats In The Window.

I know my cats are pretty cute and they like to sit in the window and look out. But what I do not understand is why people think they should walk all the way up to my window and look at the cats. It’s creepy. This is my personal window that looks into the living room. I do not want random people looking in. It isn’t a pet shop window or a store window.

Three different people have walked with their young kids up to my window. Like all the way up so that their kids can either touch the screen or the window. I live in an apartment complex and there is a walkway that goes by the window but seriously it’s about 15 steps to get from the walkway to my window… and in between the walkway and the window are plants and bushes; there is not a path that goes from the walkway to the window. There is no sign that says please come up to my window and look in.

I told the apartment management about this issue and the gardeners have added in more plants this past week. Now there is at least one extra bush about 2 feet from the window and little plants now growing directly under the window between the bushes and the window. You would think that would be a good sign to people that they should not walk through the plants up to the window. But what happens? Just today, a lady walks up holding her child through the bushes and she must have been standing right in between the plants under the window, in the mud (since it just recently rained) so that her kid can look at the cats.

Does this seem really weird to anyone else out there? I know when I’ve walked past places that have cats in the windows, I might point and say something like “oh, look at that cute cat!” but never would I have thought that I should walk up to someone’s private window to look at the cat up close.



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