Alaska Adventures: Juneau

Juneau (10)My husband and I went on a Disney Cruise aboard the Disney Wonder to Alaska in June 2015. In Juneau, we chose our port adventure through Disney and chose the Best of Juneau (JU46). This excursion had three different parts to it. We started off with a bus ride to Mendenhall Glacier. Once there, we were free to look around and explore on our own. There was a path that would take you to the base of a waterfall (our friends took that path) but I wasn’t feeling too adventurous and you had to go at a good pace in order to return back on time for the bus – I didn’t want to take my chances but they ended up coming back with plenty of time to spare. My husband and I walked along the shorter path which had great views of the waterfall (it is in the picture here to the right of the glacier) and the glacier. It was a beautiful walk surrounded by all sorts of nature. We even got to see baby ducks in the water. There was also a museum of sorts and our wristbands gave us admission to go in so we stopped there on the way back to the bus and got to touch a piece of ice from the glacier, it was 100 year old ice or something like that, it was cold and smooth.

Juneau (35)The bus picked us up and we headed over to do some whale watching. The major highlight of this part of the trip was seeing killer whales (orcas) up close! They came right up to our boat and everyone was amazed. The boat guides said that rarely ever happens so we were definitely happy that we got to have that experience. The orcas were way more fun and interesting to watch then the whales – the whales only come up every now and then but the orcas were in and out of the water so you got to see them for a lot longer. We did also see whales and sea lions. The only bad part of this trip was after the whale watching there was a delay until our bus came; I don’t remember exactly why there was a delay but it may have been due to some miscommunication. It really wasn’t that long of a wait (it may have seemed long since we were all hungry by then) but still the surroundings were beautiful and the highlights more than made up for the delay.

Juneau (44)The bus then dropped us off at a beautiful lodge for our meal. The setting was gorgeous with trees all around and nature everywhere, the food was all set up and ready to go buffet style. There was a good variety of food and I stuffed myself so much I didn’t have room for the blueberry cake. After eating, we took a walk around the area and looked at some beautiful waterfalls (picture to the left) while sipping hot cocoa. We were free to stay for a while or go back right away since the buses ran every so often, you just had to be sure you made it back to the cruise ship on time. After filling ourselves and checking out the area, we headed back to the bus and returned to the cruise ship.

I would definitely recommend this excursion and would love to do it again if/when I return to Alaska!



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