Small Projects That Become Big.

I had a small project to do this morning – a task, really – put the extra water containers in the closet. We store them in the closet because they are too tall to fit on any shelf or cabinet in the kitchen. And we live in an apartment so we can’t change the height of the shelves or make a space for the waters. So anyways, it isn’t a huge task, there were 12 bottles and they just needs to be put away. As I start to put one down, I realize there are still Christmas tree needles on the closet floor (we have an artificial tree that still sheds as though it is real and as though it is new even though we’ve had it for a few years). Okay, I figured I’d just vacuum those up then put the waters away. As I grabbed the vacuum, I realize there are more little needles under a few other items so I decide the best idea is to take everything out that is on the floor of the closet in order to thoroughly vacuum up all the Christmas tree needles.

This is where the small task (putting away waters) becomes a huge project (taking everything out of the closet). It’s a spare closet and since I like to think I keep things simple and minimalist to a degree, I did not think there would be much in there to take out. Let me tell you – more and more and more just kept coming out! I was surprised because I really didn’t think there was THAT much going on in there. Luckily, we were able to find a few items that could be donated since we probably won’t use them again (racquetball equipment, old tennis balls, a combination lock that still works) and one item that just had to go in the trash (a vacuum accessory that was kind of bulky and I know I would never use).

It is now cleaner (vacuumed) and a little more minimalist so that is good. But there is still so much in there that I want to just get rid of but I do know that I’ll actually use. Just not all the time. Maybe I’ll make it a project to take everything out every other month and re-evaluate everything each time. That way, I know when I put an item back in… it isn’t a promise to keep it forever, just a plan to keep it for a little bit longer to see if I still need it.


6 thoughts on “Small Projects That Become Big.

  1. My porch is really small and I decided to take everything out one day. I put it all on the front lawn. I had people stopping because they thought I was having a rummage sale. I said that I was just cleaning out my front porch and quite a few of them stared in disbelief and then would ask how it all fit. LOL!

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    1. Yes! It actually happened again – I went to get something out from under the kitchen sink and noticed a dirt spot so started to wipe it up and noticed another one further back. Ended up having to take out everything, wipe it all down, then put everything back in!

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