1 mile = 13.5 minutes

I actually played sports growing up so I should be in pretty good shape. But I’m not. Once the sports stopped the laziness seemed to settle in. But don’t worry – I am now back in action! I started my walking/jogging routine on the treadmill on February 1 (after my failed start in January… which you can read about here if you want). In the beginning 1 mile took about 16 minutes, which isn’t too bad – definitely not as good as when I was playing sports but still not too shabby. Now I can do 1 mile in about 13.5 minutes, and can do 2 miles in just under 30 minutes. The plan is to do a 5k in 30 minutes next year… but I’m giving myself a year to get there. It hasn’t been easy but it has been rewarding and I seem to be getting more into it as the days go by. Here are some things I discovered so far in this journey:

-When I first started working out, I pushed too hard and went too fast and my knees and shins were in pain because of it. Going slower and easing into it definitely helped.

-I am glad I didn’t buy new running clothes when I first started jogging. Walking is one thing, but once I started jogging I began to realize exactly what I wanted/needed in my clothing and what I thought would work for me. If I had just bought the latest trends, I might have wasted quite a bit of money.

-More about clothing: Sports bras that are old or stretched out may be fine for walking but definitely do not cut it when jogging. Lounge pants that cannot be tightened do not work well for jogging. Loose shorts are okay for jogging but they do get annoying after a short while. Low cut underwear were not the best option for jogging.

-I really like the show Property Brothers and Flip or Flop on HGTV. I don’t think I would have went out of my way to watch either show but they happen to be on when I do my walking/jogging on the treadmill so it definitely helps the time go by.

-It’s easy to get into the mindset of wanting to lose weight and see a drastic change right away after exercising. I keep reminding myself that I’m exercising to be healthier, to have a healthier heart, to reduce my risk of a variety of diseases and illnesses, etc.

-It did take me a while to really think about the time I wanted to work out. Morning? Afternoon? Evening? I finally found a good time that seems to work for me and a good routine that gets me going to the gym almost every day.

This is a new adventure for me so if you have any running tips, please share!



9 thoughts on “1 mile = 13.5 minutes

  1. Congrats on your time drop!
    I think waiting to find out what clothing you’ll like is a tip I wish someone had shared with me. My running attire changed so much over the course of a year or two, and I don’t wear anything like I did when I started out.
    I also love to use an online route mapper like plotaroute.com. Running on a treadmill is quite different from running outside, as I’m sure you know, and sites like this help me keep my runs different and interesting! 🙂
    So excited for your new journey!

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    1. Thanks! I’ll check out that website – the thing I wasn’t sure about with running outside is having to put on sunblock… and I’d also have to pay more attention to where I’m going and what I’m doing! But it probably is good to mix it up and get outside sometimes.


    1. I tried the music thing but I don’t like things in my ears so the headphones were annoying, if I had a treadmill at home – that would be great! I looked at the C25K app but don’t understand why it needs access to my location and photos – that seemed odd to me. Maybe I’ll see if I can find that same info online.


      1. Location is for GPS and photos if you want to post to social media about your time when you are done. You don’t have to enable either and still use the app.


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