Alaska Adventures: Skagway

My husband and I went on a Disney Cruise aboard the Disney Wonder to Alaska in June 2015. In Skagway, we chose our port adventure through Disney and chose the Takshanuk Mountain Trail by 4×4 (SW42). This adventures was amazing! I will admit that I was hesitant to book it at first because I didn’t fully understand how the 4×4 would be and honestly just wasn’t feeling that adventurous but we did book it and I’m so glad we did!Skagway (160)

Skagway is a pretty small town so we started off with a boat ride to Haines that took about 45 minutes but it was fun, fast and comfortable. The views were also pretty great so it was a good start to the adventure. We then hopped aboard a bus for a trip into the mountainy area – it was a pretty short bus ride but was interesting because the bus driver and girl guide (I typically call all women girls so she wasn’t really a girl, she was an adult who had kids of her own) talked about life in Alaska and answered questions people asked. Once we got to where we were going, we got off and were introduced to the 4×4’s – most of them sat two people with a few that sat four, we took a two seater and my husband drove and up the mountain we went! Along the way we stopped at a cabin for some fresh home made cookies and hot drinks. The surroundings were gorgeous and the people were more than welcoming and friendly – the woman baking the cookies was actually the mom of the girl guide and the boy helping serve was her little brother (in 3rd grade, I think). So it definitely had a family setting to it and was really neat. After the stop, we were heading higher up the mountain where there were some amazing views and stopping points.Skagway (24)

When we got to the end of the trail, we all got out and snapped photos and looked around and took in the sights. Then we got back into the 4×4’s and headed back down the mountain with another stop at the cabin for food! The food was really good, I don’t remember all that there was but it was an excellent meal and again very cozy and welcoming. Then we continued down the hill, boarded the bus and took the boat back to Skagway.Skagway (102)

I would definitely recommend this port adventure to anyone that is considering it! Though I haven’t done the others so I can’t compare it to any of them. All I know is that if I end up going back to Alaska (which I hope I do), it will be hard to choose a different port adventure and I might end up doing this one again!!!Skagway (113)


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