Board and Card Game Storage.

IMG_20160116_114955I have a lot of board and card games and am trying to find a way to keep them more tidy, easier to access and hopefully they will take up less space. I have found that a ton of games have boxes that are way too big for what they actually are – usually filled with cardboard holders that basically just take up space.

First step was to pull all the games out of the
closet and put them on the floor (first picture). Next step was to open IMG_20160116_121753each box and see if it was actually using up all of the box or if would be better stored another way. Most of the games fit in the gallon size zipper bags so that was easy enough and I threw out the leftover boxes that were no longer needed (second picture). The Yahtzee Free For All was tricky because the board that you play on IS the bottom half of the box and the top lid works well for rolling the dice in it. Also, a few other games did use the whole box so there was no wasted space there such as Bingo and Scattergories. After that, I IMG_20160116_122144put all the card games in one plastic storage container and all the “bagged” games in another storage container. Shown in the third picture. Some of the games had boards so they wouldn’t fit in a storage bag so those are either still in their boxes or sitting in a box together. Those will just have to stay as they are.

Now that I have a bunch of baggies in a plastic container, I’m realizing they aren’t really that easy to get to because I have to sort through them to find the one I’m looking for. And I have to move all of those to get the card games which are underneath. Not too inconvenient, but I’m still working on it. I was thinking of maybe getting two sizes of boxes and putting the bagged games into those – then they’d all stack nicely in two sized stacks and could be labeled. Hmmm… it’s a thought. I really thought this was going to be a simple, easy solution – get rid of the excess and tada! enjoy all the extra storage. But apparently, it doesn’t quite work that way with board and card games.


4 thoughts on “Board and Card Game Storage.

  1. Haha, we do think alike! I’ve been working on a post about board games too, although I am absolutely crazy about keeping them in the boxes and everything being repackaged properly. Unfortunately, my 4-year old doesn’t give a hoot about keeping them in pristine condition, so I might have to adopt a similar method for her games. 😀

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  2. I’ve used transparent plastic drawers of different sizes, stackable and suitable for my closet.
    In each drawer one or max. two games/cards sets. Coloured labels.
    For the cards/games boxes, if they are too big I open them, make flat, fold up again smaller 😀

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