Book Review: The Tale of the Dueling Neurosurgeons by Sam Kean


This book was fascinating! It does include the science of how brains work but is done through interesting stories and entertaining writing so that it doesn’t quite feel like you’re reading a textbook or taking a class in neurology. There were quite a few things mentions where I thought “no way!” and had to look them up on my own – examples: Doctor Doctor Bliss, a frogs heart beats after it is dead, and alien hand syndrome. If you know someone who suffered some sort of brain injury whether it was from a stroke or trauma or from birth, this book can explain a bit of what could be going on and can shed some light on how mysteriously amazing our brains can be. After reading this book, I might just check out the other books this author has written because he definitely does a great job of making facts and science interesting and fun to read.

*Read January 2016


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