Cat Product. Kitty Shack.

kitty shackI bought a kitty shack and I’ll admit, I honestly thought the cats would climb right in and be comfy, cozy and warm forever. Even as I picked up the box, I debated with myself whether or not I should get two – one for each cat. That is how sure I was that they were going to love their kitty shack.

I remember taking it out of the package and setting it up and just waiting for them to climb right in and snuggle. They sniffed it and played with the tag. I tried to get them to go in by bribing them with toys and giving them a little push towards going in. Didn’t work. Eventually, I unzipped it and just left it out as a mat and THAT they liked. It does make a crinkly noise but the cats didn’t seem to mind and they like to lay on it. It is washable so that is also a great bonus and supposedly it has some thermal heat thing in it but not sure if that really makes it warmer than a blanket or not. So all-in-all, it worked out as a nice blanket for the cats but not so much as a shack.


*update 06/24/2016: A great way to get the fur off the soft side is to use a brush; someone on Amazon suggested a dish brush but I used the cat brush (any brush with soft bristles that are close together should work) and it has worked wonderfully. It’s fast, easy and makes the mat look so much better! I regularly throw it in the washer as well but that never seemed to get the fur off.


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