I left Facebook on 1-1-16.

I left Facebook in 2015, then I went back to Facebook in 2015, and now I have left again in 2016. It was definitely a love/hate relationship and these are some of my reflections on leaving.

We’ll start with the bummer things about leaving Facebook:

-I may be missing out on seeing pictures of trips, babies, etc.

-I may not know what is going on in the lives of my friends and family.

-I may not get invited to events if the person is using Facebook as their invitation platform.

-People might assume I know that something happened or will happen because they posted it on Facebook. And then they don’t mention or say anything about it when I actually do see them in person.

But this is the good that came from leaving Facebook:

-I do not know what is currently trending on social media.

-I do not feel pressure to respond or see everything that was posted by people on Facebook.

-I do not feel stressed when I post something that other people may disagree with.

-I do not get frustrated when people post the most ridiculous things or over exaggerate issues or post things that are definitely not true.

-I no longer think “I should post this on Facebook” when something cool or funny or whatever happens. I just enjoy the moment and maybe share it later if it comes to mind.

-I no longer feel left out or like my life isn’t measuring up to others, which would sometimes happen after checking Facebook. Especially when everyone posted about their awesome days and I feel sick or crummy or just didn’t do anything awesome that day.

This is the new reality:

-I know that I need to make the effort to keep in touch with people and actually find ways to spend time with them in person. I doubt people even realize I’m not on there anymore so if I do want to keep in touch with friends/family, I just have to be creative and find new ways to connect. Even though I may not have hundreds of “friends” anymore, I’ll feel blessed to just have a few close ones. 🙂

For my prior post about Facebook –  https://prosperityandcalamities.wordpress.com/2015/11/14/the-facebook-situation/.


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