Cats on the stove.

IMG_20160112_185141We tried (unsuccessfully) to keep the cats off the counters. Calamities usually isn’t too bad but Prosperity is usually up there looking for a snack or sniffing around. We are very careful not to leave any food out or anything they can get into so usually there are no treats or snacks to be found. However, Prosperity has now discovered the warmest place in the house after we are done cooking – the stove top. Even if we run the vent fan while cooking, the exact spot he is sitting in stays very warm. I’m not quite sure how to get him to stop doing this but maybe it’s time to invest in a stove top cover or something! Ah, cats.


One thought on “Cats on the stove.

  1. My counter right next to the stove is usually too full of stuff for the cats to sit up there but when it is cleaned off, one of them always goes up there. The whole stovetop is grates so they don’t usually sit right on it. That would make me nervous. I would probably look into a stovetop cover if they did.


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