3 Winners.

The powerball jackpot lottery (or whatever it is officially called) reached a record high this month at over 1.5 billion dollars. Three winning tickets were sold. One was in California, one in Tennessee and one in Florida.

The ticket in Tennessee was bought by a couple who seem to be the most simple, down to earth people around. They don’t plan on splurging or going crazy with it, they basically said they will pay off their mortgage, pay for their daughter’s college loans, make sure their children don’t have any needs in life, give some to family and friends, donate to St Jude’s Children’s Hospital and their church. It sounds like they will keep their current house and continue working. I think that all sounds great to me and hopefully people can see that life isn’t all about just getting bigger, better, and more stuff.

The ticket winner in Florida hasn’t yet come forward and I don’t think they have yet to claim the money either.

The ticket winner in California also hasn’t come forward or claimed the money but that doesn’t mean California has been quiet about it. Many people have already “claimed” to have won and spread their pictures and stories all over social media and some even got picked up by news agencies. There was even a story about the person who won taking a loan for the money, buying a mansion, then dying of an overdose. Then another story of a lady in a retirement home that won but then it turned out her son was just playing a joke on her.

All of this makes me wonder if it is a reflection of the states – Tennessee (simple, laid back), Florida (quiet, private), and then there’s California (social media crazy, wanting attention). I’m from California and think that does kind of fit…


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