Time for bad books.

How much of a chance do you give a book that you don’t think is very good? Years ago, a co-worker/friend and I exchanged books – she recommended a book for me so I also gave her one that I had enjoyed. A while later I returned the book and told her I just couldn’t get into it and she seemed shocked – if I remember correctly, she said she didn’t think mine was that great but read the whole thing anyways because I recommended it. So obviously opinions differ on how much time you should read a book before deciding whether or not to finish it.

I know that some books start off slow and get better, but how slow of a beginning should a person have to tolerate? Are there people out there that actually finish every single book they start?  I have read some bad books in my time, sometimes because I think they will get better or just because I really want to know what happens at the end. But sometimes, I start a book and just don’t feel it – so I don’t read it. And I’m okay with that.


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