My Year In Books. 2015.

In 2015, I read 53 books for a total of 16,519 pages. The shortest book was Simple Living by Lorilee Lippincott (77 pages) and the longest book was Pet Sematary (576 pages). Thanks, Goodreads for keeping track of all that!

Here are the books I read:



5 thoughts on “My Year In Books. 2015.

    1. That’s a hard question to answer because there are a variety of genres going on there – fiction (scary, funny, light reading), non-fiction (autobiography type books, Christian, psychology/disorder type books).These are my favorite non-fiction because they gave me a glimpse into a different life (look me in the eye, as nature made him, beyond belief, hand to mouth, yes chef). These were my favorite that gave me things to consider/think about/change (in defense of food, the happiness project, the plain choice, adhd does not exist). Then there were just two over-all fiction stories that stand out to me (the storyteller, and then there were none). And I think a lot of the Christian books I read were good but the ones that really stands out right now is Parables and The Art of Neighboring.

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  1. Those look like some really good books! I wish I could read some of them. I mean I can but I’m like the world’s slowest reader ever. There was a lady at work that gave me a pretty short book to read once. She insisted it was a weekend reader. It took me a little over a month to read it and she said, “Sorry, but I’m not giving you anymore books. It takes you too long to read them. You’d never make it in a book club”.. lol!

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